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House Remodeling

What usually happens is that we get a call from someone who wants to remodel their bathroom. During the remodeling process is when they catch the bug. Once the project is complete, all bets are off. Now that one area of the home has been upgraded, they begin to think, ‘Why not renovate the entire place?’ They begin to find fault in every area of their home and see how we can greatly improve it. This is why we offer whole house remodeling. We predict that once one area of your home is shiny and new, you’ll want your entire house to match its splendor.

Breadth of Work

Our team is versed in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We make surface changes like updating the flooring, changing the wall treatments and upgrading fixtures. These beautiful enhancements are fortified by electrical and plumbing upgrades. Whether your tastes lean more towards modern or traditional, we possess the expertise to fulfill your desires. If you’re weighing up a cement bathtub against an iron claw foot tub, your project manager can show you some options to assist you in making the best choice.

Charlotte NC Home Remodeling Timeline

Most home renovations take longer than projected. At Ekren Construction LLC, we can boast that our projects are typically completed before schedule. Before any work commences, we will draft a contract stipulating the project completion date and an accompanying construction schedule to hold us accountable to the client. If any unforeseen delays occur, we promise to keep you in the loop. We don't make unrealistic projections. Your project manager will make sure that you understand the magnitude of the project and when each line item is scheduled for completion.

Professional Trust

Trust is an elusive thing. We do our best to gain your trust. We hope that you trust our judgment, the materials used and our contractors to put forth their best effort daily. Our experience in this industry makes it easy to trust our judgment. We will not hire a contractor if he is unable to pass a rigorous background check. As your contractor of choice, we understand we are guests in your home and treat your home, possessions, and family with respect.


That old saying, 'You get what you pay for', rings true in this industry. There are moments when you experience an unexpected boon, but generally speaking, it's true. While we always use superior products and materials during construction, there is still a cost associated. That cost is less than what you would pay at any local retailer or design center. If we are unable to facilitate your vision below budget, we won't make empty promises. Our competitors will take one look at a low budget, laugh and then promise to make it happen knowing that they will create excuses down the road as to why expenses are mounting. Based on the quality that we provide, our prices are affordable and accessible.