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We know the feeling well. You notice a crack on your exterior wall surface and wonder what’s next. When did it happen and how did it get there? The short answer is that the ground beneath your home shifts. Sometimes the shift is slight and slow – barely perceptible by a seismograph. At other times it’s wild and unpredictable. Chalk it up to living on planet earth and being forced to deal with gravity. As the earth’s plates move, your home’s foundation is designed to absorb the affects. If the foundation was poorly constructed or the shift too flagrant, you will begin to see surface cracks in your interior and exterior walls, floors and ceilings.


There’s no way to know if your foundation has failed without a proper inspection. In extreme cases, we have seen buildings literally split down the middle or begin to slope. Those are telltale signs but rarely occur in North Carolina. If you suspect foundation failure, give us a call. It would be our pleasure to conduct a complimentary inspection.  We will not recommend a procedure that is unnecessary. Don’t drive yourself crazy thinking that your home will need to be demolished and rebuilt. Technology often affords us the opportunity to remedy the situation without such drastic measures.

Brick & Concrete Repair

Most homes in Charlotte were constructed with brick. When we receive the call to remedy a structural failure, it’s typically brick that we’re dealing with. Our veteran contractors are versed in brick repair. There are a variety of techniques that we can use to shore up your home or business. After a thorough inspection we will be able to map out an affordable action plan. Concrete retaining walls suffer the most premature failure due to improper installation and moving earth. It is a rigid sponge that can be repaired using resurfacing applications and stitching. If you need brick or concrete repair, schedule an appointment with us today for a free inspection.

Professional Structural Inspection

Having an inkling and knowing are two different things. You may have a sneaky suspicion but until you know for sure, the urgency to act will be delayed. We learned a long time ago that what gets measured gets done. It’s a good idea to have all old homes professionally inspected for structural failures. Don’t put it off another day. These matters have a tendency to create domino effect. A crack in the foundation,leads to a crack in the wall, which leads to a compromised window frame, which ultimately effects your heating and cooling system.

Crack Stitching

Perhaps you heard about it and wondered if it was a thing. Indeed, crack stitching is real and may be an option if your home is suffering from structural damage. This is just one of the remedies that we may employ to fortify your home or place of business. Crack stitching can be applied to a myriad of surfaces included brick, concrete and stucco. We invite you to do your own research before contacting us for a complimentary structural inspection. An educated client is an empowered client. We want you to be empowered to act. When you finally sit down with an Ekren professional, you will be armed with enough knowledge to make informed decisions.