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Charlotte Home Builder

Your home is the biggest investment that you will make. delete: This may not be your first or your last home but it is significant nonetheless. We realize the monumental nature of researching and building a custom home. delete: An abode built to your unique specifications is distinctive. It is a dream realized that many people can only fantasize about. Our veteran builders will take special care to bring your vision to life. delete: Everyone on the team can read blueprints proficiently and can work cohesively with your architect or project manager.

Excellent Communicators

Many people boast that they are good communicators but what they don't realize is that active listening skills are key. Our team leaders and project managers possess the ability to communicate expectations and requirements. They will keep you in the loop regarding deadlines and any unforeseen delays. You will also notice that we are good listeners. We (actively listen to our clients) to determine what you desire underneath the surface. If there are any gaps in understanding, we will communicate that to you. We invite you to do the same. Communication is a bilateral exchange.

We Bring your Vision to Life

It takes experience to be able to interpret someone else’s vision and breathe life into it.  We do more than that; we add light in the most unexpected places. We’d be lying if we said everything we constructed was without imperfection. There is a lesson in every failure. After years in business we can honestly say that we have a school full of lessons. Those lessons have been shared with our staff and will be the cornerstone of your home. Overload your custom home building project manager with images of what you’d like your home to look, feel and smell like. We possess the skill level to bring your vision to life.

An Investment Worth Every Penny

Ekren Construction LLC specializes in moderate to high-end single and multi-family housing. For most Americans, their home will be their largest single investment. Your home will be constructed with superior building materials and technologicallyadvanced equipment will aid our team in sculpting your home. A keen eye will be trained on each detail. Our company stands by the motto that luxury is in the details. When every plank has been laid and each shingle in place, the final result will be worth more than what you paid. This fact is attributable to the rapport that we've established and maintained with our vendors over many years.

We Won’t Cut Corners

Custom housing is an expensive endeavor. We'd love to sugar coat things and tell you that we can construct a quality home cheaply, but we'd be lying. In fact, a cheap newly constructed home is probably a fire hazard. There are charlatans on every corner selling snake oil. They promise to construct your home under budget. Check their credentials and see if they are licensed within the state of North Carolina. (Do they have references?) When you enlist our team to construct your home, you can rest assured that we will not cut corners. Yes, it's your home, but our name is on the line. Our reputation is extremely important to us.