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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Does the thought of preparing a meal in your kitchen make you want to order in? Is your lighting so poor that you’re unable to tell the difference between a shallot and an onion? Do you have to walk several steps between your fridge, countertop and trash can to prepare dinner for your family? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it’s time for an upgrade. It sounds like you need better lighting, a completely new layout, upgraded fixtures, wall treatments and cabinets. Ekren Construction LLC are experts at kitchen remodeling in Charlotte NC. It’s what we do and we do it well.

Beautiful Kitchen Flooring

As long as we are breathing, we must eat.  Many of our meals are consumed while at school, work or somewhere in between. There are those rare moments when you actually find the time and energy to cook. When you do, your kitchen should inspire you to try new recipes and have fun. Have a glass of red wine, turn on some tunes and take your time in the kitchen. If you’re creating meals for your entire family, the love should be evident in every bite.  This is difficult to do if you’re tripping over missing tiles. We can install beautiful wood or tile flooring for your kitchen.

Utilitarian Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets should be installed at the user’s height. When you enlist us to create custom cabinetry we will receive the measurements of the predominant kitchen users and proceed accordingly. The cabinets are the first thing people notice when they enter your kitchen. Even after you’ve installed beautiful flooring, lighting and flawless wall fixtures, impeccably crafted cabinets will stand out. Our expert cabinetmakers can upgrade your cabinets with hardwood combined with glass inlays. As kitchen remodeling Charlotte NC contractors, it is our goal to utilize both form and function when designing your cabinets.

Dual Purpose Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting serves a dual purpose. It should be bright enough to prevent you from cutting your finger and ambient enough to set the stage for a cozy meal. To accomplish this task, we select the right bulbs and then put your kitchen lighting on a dimmer. Turn it up while preparing dinner and turn it down when it’s time to serve. Accent lighting is a wonderful way to set the mood. Our professional kitchen remodelers can install utilitarian recessed lighting coupled with decorative light fixtures. Many people are sensitive to light. The wrong lighting can precipitate a migraine.

Updated Plumbing Fixtures

Whether you prefer a modern look with stainless steel or chrome fixtures, or you want to implement a more rustic, farmhouse style, we can recommend and install plumbing fixtures to complete your dream kitchen with a beautiful, and functional appeal. From faucets and sinks to everyday appliances, we procure and use only top-quality materials from the best manufacturers around.