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Excavation & Grading

Residential & Commercial
Licensed, Bonded and Insured in North Carolina

Excavation Charlotte NC

As a highly trusted and top state licensed contractor, Ekren Construction offers phenomenal excavation services that will ensure your site is adequately prepared for construction. Our excavation services range from residential, such as pool and basement excavations, to commercial excavation services, such as utility and drainage.

Whether you need to remove stumps or trees, stabilize a slope on your property, or dig to ensure you have adequate space to build your dream home or commercial building, we are here to help. Our contractors are excavating experts, which means they are highly trained, skilled, and experienced to excavate any property. After we excavate your property, you will have peace of mind your land is in the best condition possible for your new construction or remodeling project.

Grading Contractors Charlotte NC

Like our excavation service, we offer phenomenal grading services that pay attention to the details of your land. Whether you need a residential or commercial grading service, Ekren Construction is here to help. Our contractors are highly trained and experienced, which means they are prepared to tackle any project size. From rough and precision grading to compacting soil for your building’s foundation and installing erosion control, we offer a variety of professional grading services.

Demolition Contractors Charlotte NC

Whether you have a building or structure you simply want to demolish and get rid of to completely clear the land, or you want to demolish it and build something else, we are prepared to provide you with a phenomenal demolition service.

At Ekren Construction, paying attention to the economic and environmental impacts of demolition is important to us. That’s why we ensure our demolition services are not only quick and affordable for your sake, but will also cause little-to-no environmental harm.

Like the rest of our construction services, we offer residential demolition ranging from barns and garages, as well as commercial demolition services that cover things such as bridges and aircraft hangars. Not only will we demolish your site, but we also offer removal services and asbestos inspection, which will ensure your property is as clean and safe as possible.

For more information about our excavation, grading, and demolition services, feel free to give us a call today at (704) 444-0161.