Who We Are

Residential & Commercial
Licensed, Bonded and Insured in North Carolina

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Our Process

There are a lot of quality craftsmen in Charlotte. Our Charlotte home builders differentiate ourselves by the level of service we provide. Our clients often tell us how clean and neat our crews are, how well we communicate and how effectively and efficiently our projects tend to flow. The end result is the same or better then our competition, but the home remodeling process is much more enjoyable.

What To Expect From Our Charlotte Home Builders

Cleanliness of Job Sites

Dust and debris are part and parcel of construction. During the dirtiest and dustiest portions of a project, we utilize the newest HEPA filtration technologies to minimize airborne particulates. Once the work is done, you shouldn’t have to deal with this inconvenience. We make sure to thoroughly clean the work area so you can enjoy it as intended.

Great Communication

Our clients often brag about our effective communications throughout a project — a key differentiator in the construction market. This clear communication, combined with our commitment to actively listen to our clients, helps us effectively manage subcontractors, vendors, architects and interior designers.

Efficient Workflow

Most of our crews and subcontractors have worked with us for years. Having these established relationships allows us to more effectively and efficiently complete projects.

Quality of Workmanship

We are proud to stand behind our work. All of our projects are backed by a comprehensive warranty.