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Licensed, Bonded and Insured in North Carolina

Building Trust While Building Homes

Our goal is to provide a pleasant and seamless client experience in addition to our exceptional craftsmanship. At the end of a project, we want our clients to feel that they have gained a trusted friend, and not just another contractor. We aim to be known as the best home builders in Charlotte NC.

General Contractors Charlotte NC - Our Specialties

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Custom Homes

Ekren Construction LLC creates beautiful custom-built homes. We possess the expertise, talent, tools and equipment to construct single and multi-family residences. Our team doesn’t cut corners and uses superior materials and products. 

home remodeling Charlotte NC

Whole House Remodeling

Our offerings are not limited to new home construction. Our veteran contractors are more than equipped to renovate your entire home, including indoor and outdoor spaces.

kitchen remodeling Charlotte NC

Kitchen Remodeling

For a kitchen that inspires you to try new recipes, tilt back a glass of red wine, turn up the tunes and take your time while preparing a scrumptious meal, contact Ekren Construction LLC.

home additions


When you outgrow your home or your lifestyle changes, contact us to construct a gorgeous new addition. Consider a wonderful office, bedroom or bathroom.

structural home repairs Charlotte NC

Structural Repairs

When you notice cracks in your foundation, walls, floors and ceilings, contact us before it exacerbates. Our prices are affordable and will fit any budget.

bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC

Bathroom Remodeling

You will spend at 1.5 years of your life in the bathroom. It might as well be enjoyable. Enlist us to design a space for a king and queen.

excavation charlotte nc

Excavation & Grading

When you’re building or remodeling a space, it’s important to make sure the construction site is leveled and adequately prepared for construction. 

commercial remodeling charlotte nc

Commercial Renovations

Ekren Construction’s portfolio is not limited to residential repairs and installations. We possess the talent, professionalism and equipment to exceed your expectations for any commercial project.

Why Choose Ekren Construction As Your Custom Home Builders?

Ekren Construction LLC is a family owned and operated business. For many years, we have provided Charlotte, North Carolina with superior customer service, technical expertise and building materials. There’s something very unique and palpable about working with a family owned business. More importantly, we value people. This is not a characteristic that can be taught. You cannot train an individual to see the light within everyone they meet. Yet, at Ekren, we value every customer and every project — big or small.

Most people have heard or experienced the horrors of a construction or remodeling project gone bad. We pride ourselves on our customer experience as we know how invasive and stressful a project can be. Avery, the owner and operator of Ekren Construction, has worked for other contractors and is different because he truly cares about our clients and their needs.

We spend a lot of time planning & coordinating up front — before any physical work ever begins — to ensure that once a project is up and running, there is minimal downtime. We aim to have work happening every day once a project starts until the final details are completed.

Honesty and transparency also differentiate us from our competition. Our proposals and communications are thorough and complete. Some contractors underbid projects to get the work, then drastically mark up any changes through change orders or “unforeseen” problems. We do our best to prepare ourselves and our clients for the project as a whole, and while changes and unforeseen encounters do arise on occasion, we’ve found that our clients are understanding and appreciative of our foresight.

Our goal is to become known as the best home builder and remodeler in the Charlotte market!

Unsurpassed Craftsmanship

What makes a good craftsman? Attention to detail, a high skill level, training and a love for what they do. At Ekren our contractors possess all of these attributes and more. Construction chose us; we didn’t choose construction. There is a keen difference between the two.  This wasn’t a business that we decided to go into simply to make money. The know-how and desire to build things has been instilled from a young age. When we set out to create, it’s not purely to get the job done. Sure, we want to make the client happy and exceed expectations but each project is an opportunity to outshine and challenge ourselves to do better than the last time.

Professionalism is Important

There are many men and women in Charlotte and the surrounding areas that possess the capability to build a house. The question is, do you want them in your home? Are they a pleasure to be around – to work with? Would you want to point to them at the grocery store and tell your neighbor that they built your home? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you should choose wisely. you will notice a distinctive difference in our crews and subcontractors by their neat appearance and personable demeanor. They arrive early and won’t leave until the day’s work is done. Moreover, they are amicable and a pleasure to interact with. If you have any questions about the process or materials, they are happy to answer them.

Superior Materials and Equipment

We don’t cut corners in an effort to increase our profit margins.  We have been working with many of the same vendors for quite some time. Along the way we have garnered a few new ones. We’ve cultivated these relationships and upheld our financial end of the bargain. This rapport has afforded us the opportunity to be privy to amazing deals for materials and equipment. In many cases, we bypass the distributor and procure directly from the manufacturer.  In this way, we are able to guarantee that superior materials are used when building your home without the high price tag.  In addition, technologically advanced equipment allows us to work more efficiently. Efficient workers mean lower labor costs for you.

Qualified Builders

You can trust that Ekren Construction LLC is licensed, bonded and insured to conduct all manner of construction work within the state of North Carolina.


For quality craftsmanship that is second to none, contact us. Ekren Construction LLC will only utilize superior products and materials during construction and while making repairs.


We operate an ethically profitable business. This means that we do not price gouge our customers. The team lead will not make recommendations for unnecessary repairs. Our prices are fair and equitable.


By investing in technologically advanced tools and equipment, we are able to work fast and methodically. Your labor costs are lower because it takes less time to complete a project. We utilize technology to the fullest.


Top craftsmanship + affordable pricing = value. Enlisting Ekren Construction LLC means that you are working with veteran contractors and superior materials are being used on your project. The final outcome is a magnificent home that is built to last.